Dog Tags for Puppies and Dogs

Hopefully, we do not need to explain to you how important it is to by a dog tag for your dog or puppy. Especially when dogs are at a young age they like to explore and run around. Unfortunately, they do not know the dangers of the outside world and can often not judge it correctly.

They do not understand the danger of a car, a street or big machinery on the road. Learning that lesson could easily cost them their life!

Please, we urge you to keep your loved ones safe and get them a pet id tag as soon as possible. Once they run away, studies show, that without carrying a name tag, strangers will not dare to approach and pick them up, NOR return them to you safely!

Strangers can also not read out a micro chip to judge whether your dog is a runner or a roamer. The only way is to get them a tag with all the important information engraved.

Please browse our selection of dog tags for dogs and get his name, address and phone number engraved. We will get it out to you in 4 – 5 business days.

Thank you!