Dog Tags Perth 2020

Why is there a specific website to sell Dog Tags in Perth, you may ask? Well let’s face it. Perth is an amazing place to have a dog. In general, Perth is a very dog friendly city with plenty of dog beaches and dog parks around.

With so many dogs on the run, we thought it was time to make a website dedicated to all furry friends in this beautiful city that we call our home.

After having heard about too many terrifying stories of dogs running away, never getting found or being overrun by a car, we decided to make a difference. Once we had studied the subject we realised that the best way to keep your dog safe in Perth is to have one of the many available dog tags with all the important information engraved such as:

  • Pet’s name
  • Owners name
  • Owners Phone Number
  • Owners Address
  • Second Contact Person’s Name
  • Second Contact Person’s Number

If your best buddy ever gets lost, the probability of someone taking good care of him or her are 100% higher than without a dog name tag. The reason is as simple as straight forward. A straining dog with an id tag simply signals that there is an owner attached to the animal. Therefore, somebody must be looking for the dog and also the dog is more likely to be well behaved and free from any diseases.

Wait no longer and get your dog one of the many simple stainless steel dog tags from our website: