The Dog Tags Crew

  All engraved dog tags come with a life time guarantee. We help keep your furry friend safe at all times. Made from the highest quality rust-free stainless steel, with designs from Swarovski Zirconia Crystals, to hardened enamel or brass finishes; there is so much to love about your next dog tags engraving. Best quality and local care ensures your beloved companion stands out and stays safe.

Based in PERTH, partnering With Australian Engravers in NSW.

Providing Fast, customised engraving for all dog tags

Our mission is to keep your companion safe. The best way we can help you achieve that is by providing you with a fast and convenient way to put a custom engraved dog tag around your buddies collar. In the end we want to make a difference in keeping dogs safe all around the world, whilst keeping it local. 

Although we aim for worldwide offering of all our dog name tags, we make sure they are sent out from a local engraver as close by as possible, and definitely from within your country. Think global, support local, that is what we stand for. 

Help us spread the love and support our mission in keeping all dogs safe.